Thursday, April 7, 2016

T- Ball

Today was our last day of softball so we got to use our new skills and play a game against each other.


  1. Bula Matai class,

    I love how you have worked so hard that at the end of softball you got to play a round of the game.
    These are truly cool images of your class playing softball because I have never had the time to see students playing softball and actually enjoying the sport.

    Did you like playing softball? Do you think you are working as a class to really make it a good game?

    I do think you work together well!
    Bye Gargee

  2. Bula Matai Class,

    I loved how you worked so hard by working together as a classroom or a group.
    These are cool images because I have never seen a class being good at softball and being confident.
    Do you like playing softball at school?

    From Kanishka


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