Friday, September 25, 2015

Crazy Race - By The Troopers

Our group the Troopers made a mathematics board game for the class. It took us 3 days to make it we used the colour paint red, blue and glitter red. You're allowed 4 people to play, you have 4 counters each. First you roll the dice and if you land on a C four times, you put one of your counters down onto the crazy chamber. 

How we made the board game:
1. We got a piece of cardboard.
2. We outlined our design of the game.
3. Then we got some paint and neatly painted it.
4. We added some red glitter to cover it.

Come see one of us to find out how to play the game!

By Rieya and Chloe W

We decided to make board games to make our school more awesome.We needed paint, cardboard, paint brushes, and vivids. 

By Kirby.

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